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 Spinal Rehabilitation




We specialise in Acute and Chronic spinal conditions:  From Headache patients, major car accidents, sciatic leg pains, to chronic back conditions that have been hampering you most of your life.   Conditions range from severe (candidates for operative measures) to not so bad (de-conditioning and wear and tear on joints and discs).  

With expert skills in musculoskeletal diagnosis our approach is simple; Assess, Treat, Prescribe and Manage.   It is our firm belief that most back injuries can be managed.  With a knowledge of what to do, and what not to do, you will understand why you have back pain and learn how to resolve it. 

The majority of our spinal patients are referred by specialists and GP’s.  We take an active approach by using a combination of diagnostic evaluation, manual therapy, specific rehabilitation tasks and functional exercise therapy to enhance your spinal rehabilitation recovery. 




Our Private Hydrotherapy pool is of great benefit to our patients.  With an average temperature of 34 degrees this is a great tool for all of your pre and post operative rehabilitation.  Our sessions are private, and all one on one.  We do not do group sessions therefore you have our 100% attention.  You will learn hydrotherapy skill you can use for life.  You will learn hydrotherapy skill you can use for life. 


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